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Imperial Agri-Ghana is a firm that deals with raw material export and commodities established in west Africa territory with its Head Office in Ghana. The firm’s major work is the export of raw organic commodities such as organic rice, organic soya beans, organic shea nuts, and organic sunflower seeds. Imperial Agri-Ghana is managed by very competent personnel who are well experienced in the raw organic Agro-food sector in Ghana. Our goal is to ensure organic food security and enhance the quality of human life and biodiversity. We, therefore, adopt strategies that promote environmental health and safety. Our model is also aimed at promoting Research and Development in the Agricultural sector to help make the Ghanaian farmer competitive globally. All this is done with an emphasis on conserving the environment for future generations.

Our Mission

We do agriculture in an organic way,  harvest within the organic world standard, and export organic commodities across the globe to our clients. As we look back and reflect on all of this, it provides us further sustainable management scheme whilst building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

100% Organic & GMO Free

Whole grain organic brown rice is an excellent source of healthy nutrients such as fiber, petrochemicals, and essential minerals while lower in calories. Not only do whole grains promote good digestion and healthy weight management, but they may help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

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